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Ecuador got two magnificent colonial cities. I already talked you about Quito when I arrived in this country. Now that I'm leaving it, I stopped by the other major colonial city : Cuenca. There's a friendly revalry between the two cities as to which is the most beautiful. After spending two weeks in both, I can tell you they're very different and are both very interesting, for various reasons. more...

Isla de la plata
On my journey, in between official UNESCO World Heritate Sites, I also visit locations that are on the tentative list of the World Heritage. That way, if they are accepted later on the list, I will have already visited them. There's a park in Ecuador that is on that tentative list (where it was submitted by the country but not yet accepted officially on the list) that I visited a few days ago. The tentative inscription is both for natural and cultural reasons. This park has a mainland component and an island. In this first article of two, I'll tell you about the island. more...

Historic Quito
Quito has been an important city for the Inca empire before the arrival of the Spaniards. In 1534, the Spaniards took control of the deserted and mostly destroyed Inca city. They built a new city there, the current Quito. What's remarkable about Quito is that it's by far the most preserved colonial city in the Americas. For many square kilometres, the city just like it was centuries ago if you omit the modern transportation facilities. more...

La Mitad del Mundo
One of the major attractions around Quito, is the official location of the Equator line dividing the planet in two hemispheres, a bit like there's just outside London the official line of the Greenwich meridian. In the case of Quito, it's kind of funny because they made a big tourist village around a monument located on the line drawn by a French measurement expedition 200 years ago, but it's not the actual location of the Equator line. The real location (measured by GPS) is just outside the tourist village trap, inside an interesting indian museum. Both locations are interesting for their own reasons, but I enjoyed much more my visit to the real location of the Equator line. more...

Otavalo crafts market
I like to visit small town markets because they really showcase the reality of the local people and on certain days or events, they are also filled with indigenous people coming to sell their produces are wares. In some cases, however, the market has been transformed into a touristic circus. It's unfortunately my impression of the famous handicrafts market of the little town of Otavalo, in Northern Ecuador. more...

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